Welcome to Park Mediclaim

Park Mediclaim Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd. is a company incorporated in 2001 under the Company’s act 1956 with main objective to act as Third party Administrator - Health Services. The Company is a licensed TPA vide License No.- 025 granted by IRDA on 28.9.2004 under Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority act, 1999 and Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (Third Party Administrator) regulation 2001.


Our History

The advent of multi specialty Hospitals equipped with latest technology and facilities lead to inflation of cost of treatment and persistent demand by the Policy Holders for quick, hassle free and prompt settlement of Claims with initiation of direct payment to hospitals (Cashless Treatment) in an organized manner. Considering the need of the hour, the promoters, who were working for the PSU Insurance Companies for assessment and verification of claims and have so far dealt with more than two lacs medical claims since the inception of Mediclaim policy in the year 1986, incorporated “Park Mediclaim Consultants Pvt. Ltd.” in 2001 with main objective to act as service provider to the Insurance Companies. The Company achieved its objective successfully by dedicated efforts. The services of the company were widely accepted, acclaimed and appreciated by the PSU Insurance Companies. In addition the company was engaged by the insurers to manage claims of no. of Corporate / Groups. Simultaneously, the Promoters of the company developed an innovative, state of art Software in conjunction with an IT Expert based on their vast professional experience and expectations of the Insurers regarding the functional procedures involved in servicing the Mediclaim and other Health Insurance Policyholders. The Software has since been demonstrated successfully before the Insurance Companies, Corporate / Groups and the IRDA.


Key Customers Benefits

  • Delivery of unique Photo identify card with in 3 days of receiving the policy documents from the Insurers.
  • Prompt grant of cashless facility to the policyholder on receipt of requisite information from the hospital.
  • Quick and hassle free claim settlement with in 3 days of receipt of requisite documents & information.
  • Free access to grievance redressal committee.


  • In-house developed state of art working Software with Server back up.
  • Toll free line
  • Web site for e-services.
  • Fully computerized operation
  • Availability of cashless facility at Network of Hospitals / Nursing Homes throughout the country.

We Have Thoughts What We Believe

We Have Mission

To assist the Insurers to achieve ‘Access 0f Healthcare Facilities To Masses’.

We Have vision

To be amongst the Top 5 TPAs by 2006 with All India presence, valued by members for its speed of response.

Our Values

Integrity, excellence, learning and sharing with respect for individuals.

Our Strength

Deployment of innovative technology and best practices to manage administration of different Health Plans

Our Promise

To deliver a customized, flexible and innovative IT based services benefiting the Insurers and the Insured.

Our Objective

To establish & deliver a customized, flexible, sensitive, I.T based managed Healthcare System with competitive advantage & cost containment which would make it pleasure for all business partners, service providers & Policy holders.

Key benefits to Insurers

  • Effective, meaningful cashless service and hassle free claim settlement for policyholders.
  • Shall form part of Insurance bench for convincing the Corporate and Groups regarding the Policy details and role / benefits of TPA.
  • Network of hospitals at desired places at pre-negotiated and discounted rates.
  • Control on cost / quality of treatment provided and application of cost containing measures to bring down the claim ratio by eliminating exaggerated & false claims.
  • Pooling of our R& D and Database with Insurers and advocate use of WHO coding of diseases, creation of common cost of treatment standard and credentials of providers.
  • Feedback and suggestions for categorization of hospitals.
  • Devising comprehensive, need based, newer & customer friendly Insurance covers in line with Government thrust.